I am a Director and Editor, you can submit your music video files along with your song and a message saying the type of theme you want your music video to have (ex. simple with cool transitions, or, really complicated with a lot of edits and screen affects).

You can contact me via social media and you can leave me your social media in your message as you submit your clips. Instagram: ecgaskill ;;; SnapChat: crreateyou ;;; Twitter: @EditorShade

The easiest way to submit your file is through the Google Drive of a google account I have made for all of you to have access to! the email is: password: submityourclipshere

Keep in mind that I am trying to make a living off what I love doing, which is editing, so you will have to pay via PayPal depending on certain things you want done to your video. This will be settled either on Instagram or Snapchat.